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Falk keeps you in the loop about the hottest cannabis startups and their breakthrough innovations, as well as the sales and marketing strategies they had to conquer the market.

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If you want to get into the cannabis-industry or want to invest.

Spotlight on founders

We write about founders and their achivements like M&A, regulation or a great investment they recieved!

Partnership announcement

You are faster together and bring more value on the table. We encurage people to do this to get an investement.

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Staying in the loop of all conferences and all webinars is hard! Especially grabbing a ticket on a discounted price. Im here!

R&D announcement

A new trail just started or ended - so from new discoveries and news about the plant to do business development is covered!

Updates on regulation

We know how hard it is to keep in the loop about regulations - we keep you informed by webinars or articles from local sources.

Funds and other programs

We write about new programs and fund possibilities and get you covered to accelerate Growth via the STUDIO.

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I support teams with products in business development in Germany and Europe. Reach out to me!

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We believe the most compelling and contrarian insights come from hundreds of conversations with potential users and buyers. Most B2B Companies don’t have a deep rolodex, but even if you do, lining up the perfect conversations is hard and time consuming. By unlocking your next wave of customer conversations, Discovery Assistant gets you there faster. We’ll make the intros, you focus on the conversation. 

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"Its lovely to have one source of news to stay at least a bit state of mind of news in the world for startups in the EU around regulation, conferences and announcements of competitors. I really enjoyed working with Falk to give us knowledge and network in the cannabis industry - its always something to learn and a ways to find future partnerships"
Martin Peter

Lite+Fog GmbH for pharma-grade greenhouses

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We want to curate the best articles for our recipients to keep you on top of the information you need to know